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Four Peaks Irish Arts Branch

Four Peaks Irish Arts is YOUR local branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, currently serving all of Arizona! We hope to continually grow our presence in the valley and eventually aid in the establishment of branches in other major Arizona cities where Irish culture is thriving.

FPIA began formation in early 2008 when a large group of Irish culture enthusiasts in the Phoenix Metro area, made up largely of local session musicians and students, desired to see more traditional Irish artists coming to the valley for concerts and workshops. We are proud to report that we currently have over 50 member and are still growing!

As a non-profit organization and a branch of Comhaltas our goal is to have a strong presence in the Phoenix Metropolitan community and to promote awareness of traditional Irish music, dance and language by supporting the talents of our local musicians, dancers and Irish language speakers as well showcasing talents from around the world here in the Valley. It is also our goal to support and be involved in what other similarly-goaled organizations are doing here in the Valley and to work along-side those organizations to accomplish the goal of preserving the Irish arts.

Four Peaks Irish Arts wants to make sure that any individual who has an interest in learning traditional Irish music, dance or language is provided with the opportunity and resources to do so. One of our main focuses will be to educate the public about the traditional Irish arts and to bring in other talents from around the world to do the same through music concerts, music, dance and language workshops and a spirit of hospitality and community. It is our hope that, to the extent possible, no person would be inhibited from learning by a lack of knowledge of local resources, teacher availability or lack of money for lessons or an instrument. We hope that through our mentoring programs, scholarship programs, member discounts and cooperation with other local organizations that everyone will be given the opportunity to pursue their interests in the traditional Irish arts.

As a branch of Comhaltas, Four Peaks Irish Arts will also be included to receive international touring individuals and groups of musicians, dancers and storytellers each year. Additionally, members of Four Peaks Irish Arts become a part of the largest network of traditional Irish musicians, dancers and enthusiasts around the world. You can go to almost any major city and find a local branch to share in the music, dance and community!

We would love to hear how Four Peaks Irish Arts can serve you. If you have any suggestions how we can better serve you, or if you have a question about Four Peaks Irish Arts, we would love to hear from you at

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